Honoring Your Investment

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Honoring Your Investment

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generous support received from countless individuals, corporations, and foundations that believe in our mission and want to make a difference in the lives of those living with and impacted by Angelman Syndrome.

Through you, we are able to offer much needed help to those managing the daily realities of this life-altering genetic condition while simultaneously investing in the hope that research offers that will lead us down a path to a cure.

In recognition of your support, we want to highlight the impact of your investment and how it is being put to use through a new installment we have entitled, “Honoring Your Investment.” This installment will provide periodic updates on the outcome of our fundraising efforts and the manner in which your investments are being used to help us voyage toward our ultimate destination—powerful treatments and an eventual cure for Angelman syndrome.

 FY 2010-11 Year End Appeal Analysis

 FY 2011-12 Year End Appeal Analysis