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The Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF) is the leading source of information about Angelman syndrome research, support, education, and therapies. ASF has funded the most Angelman-specific research of any nongovernmental organization. ASF-funded research has and will continue to fund beneficial treatments and new discoveries to understand, treat and cure Angelman syndrome.  

We are pleased to report that our organization is in the best financial condition in its history; has marshaled the assistance of a diverse group of world-class researchers; is funding cutting-edge research; and is committed to addressing the needs of its members.

During the two decades of our existence, the ASF has evolved and grown from a small group of concerned parents to a well-funded, well-run research-and-support organization capable of advancing the science and understanding of AS and improving the lives of people with this disorder.

Just as important, we have a clear indication of what is important to our community—a roadmap that we are committed to following.

There are many ways of showing your support and staying involved with ASF:

Donate to ASF - One of the best ways you can give individuals with Angelman syndrome a reason to smile is by making a donation to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF). We thank you for considering a contribution to our ongoing efforts.

Fundraise for ASF - the ASF is 100% funded by the generosity of our donors, volunteers, and supporters.

Volunteer for ASF - the ASF National Walk-A-Thon and Biennial Conference cannot function without the support of our volunteers.

We are extremely proud of the work being done by the ASF. We are an organization comprised of many dedicated volunteers committed to improving the lives of people with AS. Please join us. Help us give them a reason to smile.