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Fundraising for ASF

Beyond the walks, local and regional fundraising events help to raise funds for research, programs and educational events, and general operating costs, as well as promote awareness of Angelman syndrome and the ASF. These events are a critical, grass-roots venues for community involvement, the results of which are invaluable to those who attend, organize, contribute and are engaged with the ASF. Did you know that the ASF was awarded the prestigious 4-Star Rating for Fiscal Responsibility by Charity Navigator? This shows your donors that their donations are being used and making an impact everyday!

What do YOU need to do?

Before organizing, publicizing and conducting a fundraising event, contact the ASF staff at 800-432-6435 or via email at

There are no exceptions to the processes of registering your event with the ASF or with your state regulatory agency.

As volunteers we all want to do our part and contribute to the ASF - we acknowledge and greatly appreciate the selfless contributions of the thousands of volunteers and participants who generously and compassionately support the ASF. The ASF staff and Board of Directors, along with the state and federal regulatory agencies, desire to maintain the highest level of integrity in our fundraising efforts. We count on you to abide by the policies and regulations in place. We look forward to working with you and welcome any questions you may have regarding conducting a fundraising event.

Online Fundraising

In addition to organizing events in your area to fundraise on behalf of ASF, there are several ways to fundraise online. You have the option of registering for an event and creating a personal fundraising page, starting your own personal campaign, or making a general donation. Click here to get started. 

Notice and Disclaimer Regarding ASF Fundraising

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF) is a non-profit organization of families, caregivers and professionals who care about those with Angelman Syndrome. No person or entity is authorized to raise funds for or on behalf of ASF without the express, written permission of the ASF Executive Director acting on authority of the ASF Board of Directors. Any funds raised without such permission will not be accepted by ASF. ASF reserves the right to deny permission to raise funds for or on behalf of ASF for any lawful reason and refuses to accept responsibility for any funds or fundraising efforts in violation of this policy.