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The ASF IEP Bank is a platform for ASF members to exchange IEP goals and objectives with each other to assist you and your student's educational team in planning her/his IEP. An IEP is used in an academic setting for planning and performance evaluation with your educational team assisting you and your family.  See our Educational Resources for more information and tips.

Before entering IEP goals and objectives click here first for instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not every goal and objective will be appropriate for every student. You may not be able to use the goals and objectives as they appear in the ASF IEP Bank. The user is encouraged to review and modify examples which appear in the ASF IEP Bank when writing your student's IEP. Goals and objectives appear  just as they were contributed and may be missing elements that you may need to complete an appropriate goal and objective for your student. Should you choose to utilize any of the goals and objectives shared with the ASF IEP Bank it is your responsibility to ensure they properly fit the needs of your individual. The Angelman Syndrome Foundation does not endorse any specific IEP goal and objective. The ASF provides the IEP Bank to our membership as an opportunity to share with the Angelman Syndrome community IEP goals and objectives and how individuals with AS are being supported in your local school districts.

The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) offers an IEP Checklist iPhone app. Click here for more information and to download it free!

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