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Angelman Syndrome Foundation's News Room is an aggregation of several sources. We will post exciting announcements pertaining to ASF in addition to news about Angelman syndrome from within our community and from external media sources. See a story you think we should share? Send an email to with the information. Thank you!

UConn Health Center Uses Breakthrough Stem Cell Procedure To Help Child With Rare Condition
February 14, 2011
By Tim Lammers - FOX CT

Researchers at the UConn Health Center are hoping to better understand his condition with a breakthrough procedure, which comes as great news to Shippee's family. "It would be nice to have a cure for it," said Jack's mother Melissa Shippee. "If we could figure out a way to totally get rid of the seizures, that's one of the biggest problems and one of the hardest parts." And that's just what Marc Lalande and the UConn Stem Cell Institute hope to do, improve their quality of life. Learn about the creative breakthrough procedure called Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, which researches hope will help Jack Shippee and others with the rare neurological condition Angelman syndrome.

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