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Participate in Research Studies

Help Find New Treatments For Angelman Syndrome

Are you interested in having your family or your individual with Angelman Syndrome participate in research studies? Studies may involve a phone interview, surveys or mailing of information. Some studies may require you to travel to other cities. Others may involve blood tests, EEG's and other medical procedures. You can participate in research through universities and medical centers throughout the country.

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As new studies become available the ASF will contact known AS families with the opportunity to participate.

Decide Which Studies Interest You

You can decide the studies in which your family would be most interested. Researchers will contact a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation to describe their research. The ASF will make these research opportunities known to you electronically via email, the ASF website or by written notice. You then have the choice of contacting the researchers and deciding if the research study is one in which you and your family would like to participate. Click the links on the left to find out more information on research studies currently enrolling participants.