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International Angelman Day – 15 Ways to Celebrate

February 4, 2013

International Angelman Day – 15 Ways to Celebrate

International Angelman Day – 15 Ways to Celebrate on February 15th

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation is excited to celebrate the first ever – International Angelman Day on February 15th.

To help raise awareness for Angelman syndrome across the world and in your hometown, the ASF has developed a list of 15 simple things you can do to contribute.
With your help, we can all give them a reason to smile.

  1. Contact a pediatrician in your area and make them aware of AS by sending them a link to the Facts About Angleman Syndrome.
  2. Participate in an Angelman syndrome research study.
  3. Register for the ASF Walk and then email your friends to sign up and walk with you, making sure to attach the .pdf of the Facts About AS  to give them more information about AS.
  4. Ask to present to your child’s school on Friday, February 15—International Angelman Day—to talk about AS.
  5. Send a personal letter about Angelman syndrome and International Awareness Day to the editor of your local newspaper. You can request a sample letter from ASF by sending an email to
  6. Submit your child’s goals and objectives to the ASF Individual Education Plan (IEP) Bank and help other AS families across the globe plan a more meaningful IEP for their student with AS.
  7. Contact the therapists, teachers and support workers in your network and tell them about the Series on Angelman Syndrome Behaviors, and how this information can help your child/student with AS.
  8. Ask your friends to donate to your personal fundraising page for the ASF Walk.
  9. Show your appreciation for ASF-funded researchers by sending a thank you note.
  10. Send a Valentine to school, work or church filled with Angelman syndrome facts. You can check out our Pinterest board for ideas.
  11. Download the Facts About Angelman Syndrome handout and distribute to individuals who don’t already know about AS, or who ask about your child or AS.
  12. Submit a photo of your individual with AS for our Photo Gallery by emailing us at
  13. Purchase one of the items available in the ASF store to help promote Angelman syndrome awareness.
  14. Start planning to attend the next ASF Family Conference.
  15. Ask your friends and family to make a donation to the ASF