Behavior Series

Aggression as Communicative Behavior

This module will help you:

  • Understand how AAC can serve as a replacement for aggressive and challenging behavior.
  • Recognize the varied nature of communication and language skills across the population of individuals with Angelman syndrome. 
  • Become familiar with AAC so that you can compare and contrast concepts of effectiveness, efficiency, and naturalness and how these principles relate to developing alternatives to challenging behavior.
  • Recognize and provide examples of the four basic components of an AAC system: symbols, strategies, techniques and methods or devices by which communication is conveyed.
  • Be able to discuss strategies that can be used to foster individuals’ uses of AAC systems in place of challenging behaviors.

To begin

  1. Click the titles of the sections below to expand and complete each section.
  2. A transcript of the module is available. Use it to read instead of watch the videos or to follow along.

Resources for Communication