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Sibling Spotlight: Henry Grover

April 6, 2021

Sibling Spotlight: Henry Grover

Henry and JR Grover

Henry is 10 years old and is from Indiana. He loves hot wheels, baseball, scouts, making crafts, watching YouTube and being with his Granny and Hoho and his Nana and Papa. His parents Marisa and JJ Grover are active members in the Angelman community and work hard daily to advocate for their son JR who has Angelman syndrome.

Q & A with Henry:

What is your favorite memory with JR?
Hanging out with my brother at the ASF walk and seeing him laugh.

What do you admire about JR?  
How much fun JR has in life.

Are there any challenges you have had to overcome?
JR connecting his iPad to the TV so I cant watch my shows.

How do you enjoy spending time with JR?
I enjoy cuddling on the couch with him watching TV.


Henry and JR on swings at a playground    Henry and JR

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