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Sibling Spotlight: Jackson Walden

August 5, 2021

Sibling Spotlight: Jackson Walden


Jackson and his twin brother, Grady, holding hands


Jackson Walden, and his twin brother Grady, who is diagnosed with AS, are 6 years old. Jackson is always Grady’s biggest cheerleader and knows how to help and love on Grady! 


What is your favorite memory with Grady? 

My favorite memory with Grady is that his first word was “Bubba” which is what he calls me.


What do you admire most about your sibling

I admire the way Grady loves me and that he works hard. 


Are there any challenges you have had to overcome with your sibling

Sometimes, it’s hard because Grady pinches me and he doesn’t understand not to. 


How do you enjoy spending time with your sibling

We like to sit right next to each other and watch TV! 


Do you know an AS sibling who would like to share their story?