Get to Know our Clinicians

Clinician Spotlights

The ASF Funded 15q Clinic Network provides access to a variety of professionals who specialize in treating Angelman syndrome. The clinicians at the clinics are very special and dedicated people who have become superstars in the Angelman community! Meet a few of them below: 

Shafali Jeste, MD

Shafali Jeste, MD

UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment
Los Angeles, CA

I absolutely love working with the Angelman syndrome population! The kids are amazing and the parents are unbelievable advocates.  When it comes to my work with AS, I am most proud of the fact that our research in clinical trial readiness in genetic syndromes has positioned us to be actively involved with two upcoming ASO Trials for Angelman.

While I wish I had more free time, when I do I love to spend time with my two sons at their tennis tournaments! But I also love to ride my peloton bike and cook.

See information on the UCLA CART clinic and how to make an appointment.

Jessica Duis, MD, MS

Jessica Duis, MD, MS

Children’s Hospital Colorado
Aurora, CO

I love the joy, love and energy individuals with AS share.  They are brilliant and so full of happiness. I’m proud of the amazing accomplishments of Angels that parents share with me. I have always tried to be an accessible doctor and it means the world to me to share this journey with families. 

In my free time, I love to be outdoors with my 3 kids – Gracie, Henry and Ariella. I also love to cook, try new foods and visit wineries. 

See information on the Children’s Hospital Colorado clinic and how to make an appointment.

Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, MD

Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, MD, PhD 

Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, IL

I love working with both kids and adult AS patients because they are so loving and their families are so dedicated. I’m incredibly proud that we are bringing new treatments to patients that may be able to change their lives.

While I don’t have a lot of free time, I used to travel and now since COVID I run every day and enjoy hanging out with my kids.

See information on the Rush clinic and how to make an appointment.