ASF Virtualpalooza

ASF Virtualpalooza

July 27 - August 14, 2020
ASF Virtualpalooza

All sessions are FREE and will take place at 8pm EST / 7pm CST / 6 pm MST / 5pm PST

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Session Recordings 

Each week the recordings from the previous week will be available on this page.

Monday, July 27
12pm EST / 11am CST

Industry Updates

Representatives from pharmaceutical and biotech companies working on Angelman therapeutics will present updates on their work.
Companies presenting are: Biogen, GeneTx, Ionis, Neuren, OVID, PTC, Roche/Genentech, Stridebio

Tuesday, July 28

Ron Thibert, DO, MsPH

Ron Thibert, DO, MsPH

Seizures in AS

Wednesday, July 29

Jessica Duis, MD, MS

Jessica Duis, MD, MS

Diets and Supplements for Individuals with AS
Dr. Duis will discuss practical information to transition your child/adult to low carbohydrate diets, important things like, side effects to consider and manage and the use of supplements in AS.

Thursday, July 30

Stormy Chamberlain, PhD

ASF Research Updates
The latest research updates will be presented in a format understandable to non-scientists.

Friday, July 31

Rebecca Burdine

Rebecca Burdine, PhD

Genetics 101 and the Promise of Therapeutics
We will discuss the genetics underlying different types of Angelman syndrome and how loss of UBE3A function affects individuals. We will then look at the science that suggests therapeutics are possible and discuss what you need to know about how clinical trials work.

Monday, August 3

Amanda Tourjee, RN

Changes In Teen Angels: The impact of bodily changes during adolescence
This presentation will address all the changes that occur during puberty, such as: how to recognize the first signs of puberty, what to expect during those hormonal changes and how to troubleshoot any problems your adolescent may have. From you daughter's first period, to tips and tricks regarding shaving your son's face, this presentation will cover all things teen spirit!

Tuesday, August 4

Tabi and Erin together

Erin Sheldon, M.Ed & Tabitha Jones-Wohleber, SLP

Communication Pilot Update
Erin and Tabi began a Communication/AAC Pilot Program with 25 family members in early March. They will share information about the pilot program and plans for rolling out a new communication/AAC training program.

Wednesday, August 5

Lizzie Sordia

Lizzie Sordia

Lizzie’s Top 10 Product Review
Lizzie will share her personal top 10 products that help everyday life with her Angel. She will also share with you ways to get the cost of some products covered by insurance or medicaid.

Thursday, August 6

Mary Anne Ehlert, CFP

Mary Anne Ehlert, CFP

Charting the Journey
This session will be uplifting, interactive and educational, as well as provide a basic understanding of some important facts. Participants will develop the foundation for their family’s own personal Future Care Plan™. We will discuss: How to create a map of the future; How to prepare legally and financially; incorporate and maximize government benefits; Transition; Housing; Medical; and Building a support network.

Friday, August 7

Michelle Harvey

Michelle Harvey

All Things IEP
All things IEPs will be discussed - from an intro (or reminder for you IEP veterans!) and description of the main components of the IEP, to basic advocacy suggestions and tips.

Monday, August 10

Christopher Keary, MD

Christopher Keary, MD

Anxiety and Behavioral Concerns in Angelman Syndrome
We will review common behavioral concerns in kids, teens and adults with AS that have been presented by parents and identified in research. We will discuss recent efforts to develop standardized treatments for these behavioral concerns that are effective and minimize risk.

Wednesday, August 12

Eric Wright and Family

Eric Wright

Insurance, Waivers and Angelman Syndrome - Community Alternatives
We will review the changes related to insurance, laws, community alternatives and considerations related to the ever-changing public health needs.

Thursday, August 13

Pat Hornbecker

Pat Hornbecker

Chipping Away at the Mountain: Journey to Adulthood
When & How to Start, Where to go, Who to talk to. Develop your own Action Plan to Success.

Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson

Living Life at Home Using

I will describe what self-determination is and how to successfully implement this arrangement for people with Angelman syndrome.
Questions will be welcomed.

Friday, August 14

Lynne Bird

Lynne Bird, MD

Symptom & Treatment Checklist for Your IEP
A new document - Physician's Note: Symptom & Treatment Checklist - can be tailored to each individual's medical needs and circumstances, will be introduced. This document can be attached to an IEP so that each of the needs are addressed in the IEP meeting and incorporated into the formal IEP document.