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GFAS Ukraine and ASF partner to Launch Clinic in Ukraine

Angelman Syndrome Ukraine
January 6, 2023

GFAS Ukraine and ASF partner to Launch Clinic in Ukraine

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation is proud to announce their partnership with Genefund Future Angelman Syndrome (GFAS Ukraine) to launch a new clinic to better serve the community in Ukraine.

“Bright people are always visible in dark times. In the most difficult times for Ukraine and our community, Amanda Moore and the Angelman Syndrome Foundation were by our side. A year ago, we couldn’t even dream of this, but miracles do happen, especially before Christmas.” Anna Kyrychenko, CEO of GFAS Ukraine

“We are so honored to be partnering with such a strong organization like GFAS Ukraine to bring a much-needed clinic to the community and into the LADDER Learning Network.” Amanda Moore, CEO of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation



The purpose of the LADDER Learning Network is:

  • Connecting families with experienced, highly specialized medical providers, through its ASF Clinics and Dup15q Clinics. Providers within the clinics have experience and expertise in treating these two rare disorders, which has historically been difficult for families to find.
  • Connecting medical providers with one another, through monthly video calls, so they can share information about their most challenging cases.
  • Connecting the industry with much needed locations to host clinical trials, with the benefits of having patients in place when they become available.
  • Maintaining the LADDER Database, its global network of patient data, to ease the burden of paperwork on families.

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