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IEP Goal: #9

December 9, 2015

IEP Goal: #9

Student will match objects to pictures.

Two pictures should be laid out in front of student, equal distance and within reach. Student should then be handed an object to match to the corresponding picture.

Initially pictures should be photo representation of the actual object student is matching it to. If student is successful with this, moving to line drawing representational pictures may be appropriate.

Pictures should initially be presented two at a time. Once student is able to consistently discriminate between 10-20 items in this format, the number of pictures presented at one time should be increased to 3 items, so the chance of guessing the correct

A discrete trial teaching format would facilitate the systematic steps, structure, and reinforcement recommended for this student to progress toward this goal.

Placing each picture in a separate shallow tub may initially help to better define the area for the student to guide the object to match to the picture.

Once the student is successful meeting the goal criteria with an individual object to picture match, the picture can then be implemented into his/her communication goal to teach him/her to use the picture in exchange for having a need or want met.

Data Collection Method: Data should be collected by tracking the number of opportunities the student is given to match an object to its corresponding picture, and the percent at which he/she does so independent of prompting.