IAD 2020

International Angelman Syndrome Day 2020

On this day, the Angelman community rallies to raise awareness and honor our loved ones with AS.

2020 Angelman A to Z Now Available

Visit the Angelman A to Z page for details on how to get your copy.

Lighting Up Blue

Here is a list of buildings/monuments (that we are aware of) that are lighting up BLUE in honor of International Angelman Day. If you are nearby, stop to take a photo and share with us on social or email (info@angelman.org).

  • Louisville, KY – Big Four Bridge
  • Philadelphia, PA – FMC Tower at Circa Center South
  • Harrisburg, PA – Market Street Bridge
  • Pennsylvania, PA – Capitol Building
International Angelman Day

Help Spread Awareness

AS is often misdiagnosed and as a result, needed therapies and treatments are delayed.  Below, find awareness pieces that you can download and use to help spread the word about what AS is and how it affects our children.

Click to open the image and right click to download. 

Seizures in Angelman syndrome
80% experience seizures
Occurence in Angelman syndrome
1 in 15,000 births
Communication in Angelman syndrome
Sleep and Angelman Syndrome
Adaptive Equipment
Adaptive equipment
Water and Angelman syndrome
Clinical trials
Upcoming clinical trials