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It gives us confidence that there is a knowledgeable, caring and powerful organization  pushing forward research and development of treatments for AS. It gives us confidence that we’re not alone in this.  – Steve Mastrocola

Mason was having problems eating and was not gaining weight. His doctor at home felt that a feeding tube was the only answer. They knew this was a last resort procedure that was not without risks, so they decided to have Mason seen at an ASF AS Clinic.

The team of doctors at the AS clinic found that a feeding tube was not necessary and came up with a plan to help Mason. Working with the clinic’s G.I. specialist and dietitian, they were able to get Mason eating, giving him the proper nutrition he needed without a surgical procedure.

Watch the Mastrocolas tell their story.

The Mastrocola Family

The Mastrocola Family

“When it gets really, really tough, I remind myself of the value of ASF, and the ASF Walks, where we share our stories and our accomplishments and support our angels.” – Diandra Chebul

Watch Diandra Chebul tell her story.

“We try to come up with the best plan for the family to address their major concerns.”
– Jessica Duis, MD, MS

“The ASF is trying to provide a comprehensive approach to furthering the treatment and management of the disorder in every way possible.”
Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, MD, PhD

Watch two physicians discuss how the ASF AS Clinics are a place where families can go to find caring and dedicated specialists who collaborate on the best treatment approach for each patient.