International Angelman Day February 15

International Angelman Day: Tell Your Story

Every person touched by Angelman syndrome has a unique story. On International Angelman Day, 2/15, raise awareness about AS by sharing your own personal story about life with AS.

Life with Angelman syndrome is…

life with Angelman Syndrome is Complicated

What about AS inspires you, motivates you, frustrates you, or creates sadness for you? Help us shine a light on life, beyond the diagnosis, to help others understand life with AS.

Share your story today!

  • Download the ‘Life with Angelman is…’ sign.
  • Complete the sentence and snap a photo of yourself with your sign (and include anything that helps tell your story!) or record a short, 1-minute video telling your story of life with AS.
  • Share your photo and/or video on ALL of your social media channels using the hashtag, #WhatIsAngelman Let’s make #WhatIsAngelman go viral!
  • Share directly on the ASF Facebook page and tweet us @Angelman. You are also welcome to email your picture or video to if you are not on social media.

The ASF will collect your stories and create a video to show those outside the AS community what life with AS is really like. The ‘Life with Angelman is…’ video will be released on International Angelman Day and shared across social media channels—please share it using #WhatIsAngelman!
Share you story with your local community. Personalize this letter to the editor, and send it to your local newspaper!
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