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Want to get involved?  These ASF committees are open to those who have a special talent or area of interest.

If you are interested in joining one of these committees, submit your information via the form at the bottom of the page and you will be contacted by a committee member.  

Advocacy Committee - be their voiceThe ASF Advocacy Committee seeks to provide information to the AS community about important regulatory and legislative issues at both the state and federal levels that may have ramifications on the AS community.  Committee members will learn how they can advocate for positive change.

This committee will identify, consider, and develop AS positions on long-term policy issues, and serve as a resource for legislators and their aides. This is a non-partisan committee that does not endorse any political candidate or party. 

The committee is lead by Becky Burdine and Susan Ravellette.  Expected commitment is approximately 5 hours per month. 

Open to new members

NOTE: Congress is in session August 3 – September 7. If you are interested in Advocacy, sign up for Rare Across America 2020. You’ll have an appointment with your congress rep and training prior to the meeting. 


The Adult Task Force helps develop ideas, educational pieces and materials that the ASF can provide to support adult individuals with Angelman syndrome and their caregivers.

Example: Checklist for touring day program and long-term care facilities to help families know what to look for and ask when touring day facilities or long term care.

This committee is lead by Lesley McCallister and Robin Wilkerson.  

Open to new members

Band and dancing at the 2019 ASF Family Conference    Just for moms group at the 2019 ASF Family Conference

This group helps plan and make decisions about the next ASF Family Conference to ensure that it is as fun as it is educational and transformational.

This committee is lead by Lesley McCallister.

This group has limited room for new members on subcommittees. 

ASF Care Committee


The ASF Care Committee is a group of parents, extended family members, friends and professionals who are passionate about outreach and support. Their goal is to brighten the day of individuals and families living with Angelman syndrome.

This committee is lead by Christie Gould. 

Open to new members

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    *The ASF Family Conference Committe has openings on a few subcommittees.