Angelman Syndrome Research Funded in 2019

Role of UBE3A-HERC2 Complex in Angelman Syndrome: 3D Structure and Quantitative Interactomics

Gilles Trave, PhD – European Center of Research and Biology in Illkirch, France

This research project is jointly funded by the ASF and Dup15q Alliance.

Summary of Dr. Trave Study

UBE3A is a protein that tags other proteins to be disposed of in the cell.  It interacts with another protein, HERC2, which also has a similar function. Individuals with both copies of HERC2 deleted have a neurodevelopmental disorder with features similar to Angelman syndrome. 

Dr. Trave will study the interaction between UBE3A and HERC2 to regulate important genes for neurodevelopment and better understand how UBE3A and HERC2 work together. 

This study aims to:

  • Create the first 3D structure of full-length UBE3A with and without HERC2
  • Determine the other proteins that interact with the UBE3A/HERC2 complex  

This should help future studies better understand how UBE3A works with HERC2 to impact brain development.