This effectiveness trial being conducted through Boston Children’s Hospital will examine the use of an intervention to teach individuals with Angelman Syndrome how to use a speech generating device (SGD) to communicate.

Boston Children's Hospital

Participation Requirements

Children aged 4-15 years with a molecular diagnosis of Angelman Syndrome who live within a two hour drive of Boston.

You will complete questionnaires about your child’s current communication patterns to determine his/her eligibility for the study. If eligible, your child will undergo a developmental and communication assessment. Your child will then receive structured home -based intervention twice weekly for 12 weeks conducted by graduate students in speech and language pathology to teach him/her to use the SGD to communicate.

More Information

Principal Investigator:  Anjali Sadhwani, PhD

For more information about the study contact Sarah Dufour, Study Coordinator
Office: 617-919-6008  |  Email: Sarah.Dufour@childrens.harvard.edu

See a brochure on the study for more information.

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation does not endorse any clinical trial or study, but provides information to the AS community for its own consideration.