Charlotte DiStefano, PhD
June 24, 2020

EEG Biomarkers of Language in Angelman Syndrome

$200,000 The goal of this study is to establish biomarkers of language function in Angelman syndrome. Language is a likely target for both behavioral and pharmaceutical treatment, as it represents a core deficit in Angelman syndrome and is a major […]

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Dr. Henriette Moll
January 23, 2020


The aim of this study is to quantify the effect on communicative abilities of participants* with Angelman syndrome (AS) of high intensity and low intensity training of parents and caretakers in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Parents will be taught […]

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photo of Dr. Stephen Calculator
December 22, 2019

Use of Enhanced Natural Gestures and Angelman Syndrome

$10,581  Individuals with AS are quite animated in their attempts at communication and can be pro-social even though they have severe speech impairment. Although fluent sign language is beyond the motor and cognitive abilities of those with AS, there is […]

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