Stepping Into AAC

This project will be coming in Spring 2023. It will provide new resources to support your individual’s communication journey. The goal is to support and inspire those just getting started with AAC, those seeking momentum or anyone wanting to learn more about AAC.

Below find some information and draft examples of what to expect. 

100 days of AAC

There are 5 short activities to do in each of 20 weeks (AACtion Steps), plus videos, and newsletters. Below is a sample project overview.  There will be over 70 short videos with information and examples for the weekly key concepts. 

Practice with 40 core words and key intervention strategies. Each week focuses on a different topic, communicative function, and set of core words. 

A weekly newsletter that will key concepts. These will be shareable for school and therapy teams. There are short articles, a question of the week, and suggestions for where to get more info on the week’s topics.