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Parents’ Health

I wish I had known that parents of children with special needs are more prone to injuries themselves. I slipped two disks picking up my daughter (since she couldn’t walk).

Take care of your health and well-being so you can better care for your child.  Spend time away with family and friends.  Develop hobbies and activities that you enjoy.  Be happy with your life.
Donna Manhart Rowlett, TX  angel Douglas Joseph Manhart, age 25

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Make sure your pediatrician has a good working relationship with specialists and has a reputation for being supportive of therapies and equipment needs.
Rachel Brewer  N. Little Rock, AK   angel Ava,  age 4

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Photo Books

Our 35 year-old son is fascinated with photo books.  He will look at each one carefully.  He smiles when he recognizes people.  He is not interested in other books.
Susan Pike

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Physical Therapy

My son started physical therapy at age two. At age three he began to walk.  We work very hard to keep up his core strength.  He does sit daily to stay strong. He also uses a TheraTogs, which is good for sensory and strength.
Angela Wedgewood

Our daughter was having bad balance issues and was falling a lot after she learned to walk. Our physical therapist suggested we use a trampoline for jumping practice. We also have her walk around on different mats. This has helped a lot!
Christine and Giovanni Rompato   Logan, Utah   angel Chiara,  age 5

This is the link to the ASF Therapy Resources site:

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Secura and is a product by Smith & Nephew. It is a “total body foam cleanser” and is excellent at getting rid of odors, such as urine and feces.
Mindye James, Newport News, VA  angel Daniel James, age 28 Deletion +

This is a good “recipe” for stain removal.
1 tsp. Dawn
3-4 T. hydrogen peroxide
2 T. baking soda
Scrub on with a scrubbing brush.

Simply Thick is a food and beverage “thickener gel product” for individuals who have swallowing difficulties. Daniel eats everything now since

I started using the product. www.simplythick.com
Mindye James, Newport News, VA  angel Daniel James, age 28 Deletion +

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