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International Angelman Day is February 15

We're Showing The Love For Angelman Syndrome Awareness

Angelman syndrome is a rare and severe neuro-genetic disorder. Those diagnosed struggle to speak, struggle to walk and suffer debilitating seizures. There is no cure. One of the biggest hurdles for those with AS is they are unable to communicate verbally. But, despite their struggles, those with AS are known for their overall happy and excitable demeanor. While they can’t speak, they SHOW THE LOVE in powerful ways. So, for International Angelman Day, we honor them and raise awareness by showing the love to all those who have helped us, the same way our loved ones do — without words.


Participation is easy! Simply share a video of yourself communicating the phrase “I love you” and include the hashtag #ASFShowTheLove. The only requirement is that it be done non-verbally.

Let’s turn one of the disorder’s most challenging symptoms into something better than verbal communication and to invite others, even if outside our small community, to do the same.

The goal is awareness. For every one person who shares a non-verbal gesture, another might become aware of Angelman syndrome, which brings us one tiny step closer to that possible treatment.

You don’t need to know someone with AS to Show The Love. We all have a community that has supported us at one time or another. Let’s come together to flood social media with non-verbal expressions of positivity!

What Is Angelman Syndrome?

Very few know about Angelman syndrome and it touches even fewer. But Angelman Syndrome Foundation will not stop its pursuit to allow our loved ones to live better lives today AND tomorrow.

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