Current Research Studies

Neptune phase 3 clinical study

Neptune phase 3 clinical study

Online pre-screening process

The online pre-screening process begins with ages 9 – 12 (August/October).  The second age group (beginning November/December) will be ages 4-8. The third age group (beginning January/February 2020) will be ages 2-3.

Ovid Therapeutics is continuing a clinical research study called NEPTUNE. The NEPTUNE study will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of an investigational medicine called OV101 on various aspects associated with Angelman syndrome in individuals age 2 – 12 years old.

Criteria and Expectations

  • Participant must be 2-12 years old and have a confirmed diagnosis of Angelman syndrome
  • Participant must have fewer than 3 seizures lasting less than 3 minutes weekly
  • The primary caregiver for the individual with Angelman syndrome will need to be able to complete study activities and answer some questions from the study doctor at prescheduled times.
  • The study will last approximately four months and include phone appointments and four in-person visits to the medical center or study site conducting the study.

For more information about NEPTUNE, see Ovid’s website.  Or, read about the results of the STARS clinical study of OV101 on ages 13 – 49.


The Angelman Syndrome Foundation does not endorse any clinical trial or study, but provides information to the AS community for its own consideration.