Help a Superhero

These superheroes FIGHT to OVERCOME the challenging symptoms of AS and your support will continue to provide them with the resources they need to CONQUER these daily CHALLENGES.


Superpower: Never gives up   

Jack never gives up and keeps fighting even when the odds are stacked against him.  This summer, he worked so hard to swim on his own and finally did a short distance!  Just a few weeks prior, he couldn’t stay above water without his flotation suit. Even when he didn’t succeed and went under the water, he would be smiling when we pulled him up. He is always eager to try again because he believes in himself!

Every day he shows how brave and courageous he is which is why he is why a true superhero!

Avie Mae

Superpower: Can’t be stopped 

Despite the diagnosis, nothing slows her down. Avie Mae is strong willed, dedicated, and an overcomer.  She has a community that loves her and looks for her pictures every day. She cheers them on bad days and helps them through things in their lives with her smile. She brings people to tears through her accomplishments and overcoming her adversities.

The sky is the limit for her. She has and will achieve whatever she sets her mind to.


Superpower: change maker

Matthew is our superhero for what he has changed in us as parents and individuals … the inner changes that Matthew has helped us cultivate. For the many things he has changed because he is defiant and proves what he can do.

He might have limitations to talk but his communication skills are extremely impressive. He might have limitations with his balance, but he doesn’t limit himself from trying.

He is a superhero because he shows that IMPOSSIBLE = I’M Possible!!!


Superpower: Encouraging & empowering

Ava is a superhero, because she has used her circumstances to encourage & empower not only herself & her immediate family, but others in & around her community. She chooses to face hard things with a breathtaking smile that helps others see that no matter what life throws us, there can be joy & hope filled in this journey.

She is a superhero because she isn’t letting the syndrome stop her from living life to its fullest. Because she has managed to overcome & inspire others, it has brought so much awareness to the Angelman community; sharing her victories & story has connected her family with other families on this journey.

Superpower: Fighting Stereotypes

Sydney is a superhero. She was practically born with an “S” on her chest. While typical superheroes fight crime, Sydney is busy fighting stereotypes.

Internet searches for Angelman syndrome can bring up negative information. They might give you a list of things that some kids with Angelman syndrome can’t do, but there’s a lot Sydney CAN do. She can walk, run and swim like a fish. Not only does Sydney enjoy dancing to her favorite rock band, Sweet Lizzy Project, she will let you know exactly which song she wants to listen to! She can use an iPad to communicate what she wants for dinner. Even if it’s “trail mix” she can make a valid argument!

Sydney loves walking and running for the Special Olympics Track & Field Day. And she loves sharks.


Superpower: Determination

Tyler is a superhero because he is determined! Everything that they said he would not do, he has FOUGHT every day to do. He is always working hard to try, even if he fails…he tried! 

He is amazing and resilient!

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