ASF Walk Pop-Up Shop and Incentive Store

Open from June 1 – June 22

Here’s how it will work: 

*  On June 1, the shop will open and everyone will get access via a link shared through email and social media. 

*  Depending on the fundraising level you reached for the 2019 ASF Walk on your PERSONAL FUNDRAISING PAGE (not team page), you will also receive a unique coupon code for a dollar amount that can be used toward the great items. See the blue chart for fundraising levels and coupon values.

See Details and Rules for more info.

Amount Raised   =>  Coupon Code Value

$250.00   =>   $10.00 coupon

$750.00   =>   $20.00 coupon

$1,500.00   =>    $30.00 coupon

$2,500.00   =>    $50.00 coupon

$5,000.00   =>    $75.00 coupon

* Amount raised is the amount on Individual or Personal pages – NOT TEAM PAGES.

Keep fundraising! 

The more you raise, the more your coupon will be.  You could receive a coupon to get one of the items below. 

Below is a Preview of SOME of the items that will be Available

2019 Angelman Syndrome Foundation Walk Shirt

The official 2019 ASF Walk t-shirt.  

Kick AS Shirt in the Pop-up Shop
ASF Windchimes
asf plaid umbrella
Beach towel and skipper bag

Aqua beach towel and skipper bag

beach towel and skipper bag in lime green

Lime green beach towel and skipper bag

coffee mugs
Amazon Echo Plus

Echo Dot Wireless Speaker w/ Wireless Charger

running shorts
Womens' Sunglasses

Details and Rules

  • You will have from June 1 to June 22 to redeem your coupon. You MUST redeem your coupon by June 22, 2019. They become null and void after that.
  • The Pop-Up Shop will be available to the public, however only those who raise $250 or more for the 2019 ASF Walk will receive a coupon. 
  •  Coupons are awarded to each person based upon amounts showing on participants’ Personal Fundraising Page (NOT the team page).
  • Coupons cannot be used more than once.
  • Coupons are not transferable to anyone else – only you!
  • Coupon can even be used toward your shipping fees.
  • If your purchase is more than the coupon, you simply pay the difference.
  • If your purchase is less than the coupon, you can use the remainder to cover shipping charges.

Contact Kitty Murphy with questions at