Virtual Walk? There's an app for that!

Connect to the Virtual Event

Log into your fundraising page and follow the steps to connect to the virtual challenge. 


All registered participants were sent an email on Wednesday, August 19, that included instructions along with their username to log into their fundraising account. See a copy of that email here (note: this copy will NOT contain your username.)

Troubleshooting Tips

If this describes you, and you don’t even know where to begin, it is likely that you were registered by someone else and you never setup your fundraising page. As long as you are registered for the ASF Walk, there IS an account for you, whether or not you have set it up. 

Here is how you can find out your username and get logged in.

Step 1

On Wednesday, August 19 everyone registered for the ASF Walk was sent an email (to the address that was entered during registration). That email contains your username. Ask the person that registered you to look for the email that is addressed to you and forward it to you. 

Joe email
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Step 2

From there, you can click or copy the link to your fundraising page into your browser. Click Register or Login in the top right corner. 

The login screen appears. Click Forgot username or password

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Enter your username or the email that was used during registration in the Username or email field and click Submit.

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Step 3

The person who registered you probably entered their email address for your account. If that is the case, they will receive an email to reset your password.  They can forward the email to you and you can click the link to create a password to your account.

Once logged in, find the Connect button on your fundraising page to connect your account to the ASF Walk Virtual Challenge and follow the prompts. 

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The person who registered you (if you did not register yourself) should check their junk/spam folder. The email was sent on Wednesday, August 19th. 

If it still is not found, go to a login screen and click Forgot username or password.  Enter the email address of the person who registered you in the Email Address field and click Submit.

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An email will be sent to the email address that contains all of the people, usernames and events that are associated with the email address.  

iPhone Users

Use the Health app that is built in feature of your phone, that automatically counts your steps. 

Android Users

Download and install the Google Fit app. This is a free app that will count your steps and other activity, and will pass the information on to MoveSpring. 

Here are all the integrations available: 

Enter Steps Manually

The option to enter your steps manually is available in the list of devices.

Select Manual Entry and each time you open the app, you’ll be given the option to enter your step count.  

Manual Entry option on menuS

  1. The virtual challenge is intended to be available to registered participants.  

  2. Throughout the challenge, you’ll hit milestones where you can unlock some special messages and some of them may have chances for prizes. If you are not connected to your fundraising account, we won’t know how to get a hold of you to get you your prizes.  

  3. During the 10K challenge, activity progress will appear on personal fundraising pages, team fundraising pages and the top 10 activity leaders in the challenge will display on all the location pages.  You’ll be able to show your past and potential supporters how hard you’re working! 
team page activity leaderboard
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Use this time to search for friends and teammates. Send friend requests to those who are connected.  Click View challenge details and the Participants tab. 

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On Saturday, September 5, a map will appear in the challenge. 

You will have until September 12 to complete the 10K (6.2 miles) along with your teammates and friends. 

Use that time, to send your fundraising page to potential supporters.

Your activity will appear on your personal fundraising page and a team leaderboard will appear on your team page. Show your supporters how DETERMINED you are! 

Still having trouble?  Send an email to and we will help you ASAP!