Coordinator FAQs

ASF Walk Coordinator FAQ

FAQ’s for 2020 ASF Walk Coordinators

Q:  What is your refund policy?

A:  At this time, we do not plan on refunds.  This ASF Walk postponement to September allows 1 of the 4 choices below: 

  • If you are registered and are DETERMINED to stay the course and walk with us in September, you don’t need to do anything.
  • If you are registered but cannot join us in person in September, simply let us know by completing the ASF Walk Change Request form.  We will mail your shirt/bag directly to your home.
  • If you are registered as a “Virtual Walker,” but the new ASF Walk date means you can now join us.  Yay! Simply let us know by completing the ASF Walk Change Request form.  We will switch your registration status and your shirt/bag will be waiting for you at your ASF Walk site in September.   
  • If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances, and a refund is necessary, please reach out to to communicate your situation.  We will respond and work with you.


Q:  What if my site needs to have another date in September?

A:  This is absolutely an option and we will work in any way that we can with you.  Please contact Kitty Murphy and she can assist you to help make the date you choose the most successful event possible!


Q:  Why September?

A:  This is a date the ASF Board of Directors decided on after taking all aspects of the current situation into consideration.  Basically,

  • June is too soon and still poses a real risk for our participants.  The ability to book a park so close in dates would prove extremely difficult.
  • July is far too hot in too many states.  The July date may also be too soon, putting participants at risk.
  • August is typically booked solid for families due to end-of-summer trips and back-to-school for the majority of event participants.


Q:  What do I do if we can’t change a park site?

A:  Please contact Kitty Murphy.  She will work with and for you to make something happen.


Q:  What is the new T-Shirt Deadline?

A:  The new deadline for T-shirts is July 29th


Q:  How will we notify everyone who registered?

A:  The ASF is mobilizing all our communication channels and will get messaging out to the entire community.    


Q:  How will we notify our sponsors, in-kind donors, and vendors?

A:  This has a two-part answer:

  • A template letter explaining the official change will be provided to all coordinators for you to send to your Donation-In-Kind sponsors.
  • The ASF is sending notification letters to all monetary sponsors, so you won’t need to worry about this detail.


Q:  What if my park wants another deposit to hold it for a September date?

A:  Contact Kitty Murphy and she will help make arrangements to care for this.


Q:  Will/Can we consider changing the walk-up registration price since people could be hurting financially by then?

A:  In light of the current crisis, the registration fee will stay the $25 early bird rate until your ASF Walk event happens. It will not rise to $30.