Answers to your questions

ASF Walk Postponement FAQ

FAQ’s for 2020 ASF Walk Participants

Q:  Why did you move the ASF Walk instead of cancelling it or making it a virtual event?

A:  The ASF Walk is more than a fundraiser.  We are a community that looks forward to gathering each year to celebrate together, support one another and be included in something bigger than ourselves.



Q:  How will I find out if my ASF Walk site has changed or any other new details? (i.e., location, time, etc.)

A:  Information will be updated ASAP on all location pages. Go to and select your location. 
ou will also receive an email at the email address provided when you registered. 
New information will be posted on your ASF Walk Facebook group page.  If you haven’t joined your Local ASF Walk Facebook group, go to and click on your location. The link to the Facebook Group is listed there.

Please remember, that many municipalities are closed and it may take time for your local coordinator to make changes. 



Q:  What if I cannot make it on that weekend?

A:  You can switch your registration to a “Virtual” status.  Your shirt and bag will be mailed to you. Let us know by completing the ASF Walk Action Request form to switch your status.  Because this is an unforeseen expense to the ASF, we ask that you continue to fundraise and support our biggest fundraiser of the year.



Q:  What are you doing to let everyone know of this change?

A:  The ASF is communicating changes via email, all social media channels and regular mail (in some cases).



Q:  Can I switch my “Virtual” status to attending?  The new date works better for us!

A:  Absolutely!  Let us know by completing the ASF Walk Action Request form that you want to switch your status. 



Q:  How can I help?


  • Reach out to your local ASF Walk coordinator and offer your assistance.  They are faced with a myriad of details in order to move such a large event.
  • Consider helping your local restaurants and  businesses. If you are able, purchase gift cards now to donate to your ASF Walk Raffle for the Fall.
  • Reach out to the ASF if your family is in need during this time.  YOU are why we are here, and we don’t want any families to feel isolated or alone in dealing with a difficult situation.
  • Listen to the direction from the experts.  Keep your family safe. 


Q:  Are the t-shirt deadlines and contest deadlines changing?  And if so, to what? 

A:  YES.  All current deadlines will be changing to a later date. The new t-shirt deadline is: July 29,2020.
Contest Deadlines will be announced soon via all our social media channels and email.



Q:  Will my ASF Walk location stay the same?  

A:  It will likely stay the same.  There will be a few locations that will need to move due to park scheduling conflicts.  If any changes occur, :

  • You will receive an email from the ASF
  • You will see the information on the ASF Walk landing page for your location (go to and click the name of your location)
  • You will see a post on your local ASF Walk Facebook Group Page.  If you haven’t joined your Local ASF Walk Facebook Group, go to and click on your site’s location.  The link to the Facebook Group is listed there under the local coordinator. 

Q:  What is your refund policy?

A:  At this time, we do not plan on refunds.  This ASF Walk postponement to September allows 1 of the 4 choices below: 

  • If you are registered and are DETERMINED to stay the course and walk with us in September, you don’t need to do anything.
  • If you are registered but cannot join us in person in September, simply let us know by completing the ASF Walk Action Request form.  We will mail your shirt/bag directly to your home.
  • If you are registered as a “Virtual Walker,” but the new ASF Walk date means you can now join us.  Yay! Simply let us know by completing the ASF Walk Action Request form.  We will switch your registration status and your shirt/bag will be waiting for you at your ASF Walk site in September.   
  • If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances, and a refund is necessary, please reach out to to communicate your situation.  We will respond and work with you.