Funding Research for Treatments and a Cure for Angelman Syndrome

As the largest non-governmental funder of Angelman syndrome-specific research, the Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF) has invested more than $9 million in Angelman syndrome research to date, supporting projects worldwide in the quest to find treatments for Angelman syndrome and ultimately a cure. Treatments resulting from the ASF’s $9 million investment in research help individuals with Angelman syndrome live better lives today and lead to better lives tomorrow, but require ongoing financial support.

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation is dedicated to funding the highest caliber of research on Angelman syndrome. It is our hope that these funded researchers, and their collaborators and peers, will bring forth new discoveries that ultimately lead to safe and effective therapies that improve the quality of life for all with Angelman syndrome.

The more research we can fund, the closer we move towards new therapeutic treatments for AS, ultimately leading us to a cure!  Find out how you can help fund more amazing research by joining the ASF Cure Club.

Research Funding 1996 – 2017

ASF Funded Research through 2017* Based on audited figures
**40% of research studies have been clinical research and 60% have been basic science research