Ensuring quality of life into the future

Jacob Pritzker Fellowship Program

Fred Pritzker dedicated his life to ensuring the highest quality of life for his son Jacob. In honor of Fred’s dedication, we created The Jacob Pritzker Fellowship Program to ensure that Fred’s work continues far into the future. 

This fellowship program addresses the ever-increasing need for more physicians who are well versed in best practices for treating individuals with Angelman syndrome.

Contribute to the Jacob Pritzker Fellowship Fund

See information about donating stock. Contact amoore@angelman.org for other donor-advised fund contributions.

Fred Pritzker and his son Jacob

Caring for Individuals with AS into the Future

The ASF has partnered with leading research and medical institutions to provide outstanding care for those living with AS. The ASF Clinics are designed to provide individuals with Angelman syndrome the comprehensive medical care needed, all available in one visit in one single location. These specialists are also more knowledgeable concerning possible new treatment options and other latest advancements regarding the disease. Prior to this, families would search for multiple clinics and multiple specialists to receive the necessary care for their loved one with AS.

The Jacob Pritzker Fellowship Program is intended to support a junior investigator or clinical training program for an early career physician. Fellows are expected to be engaged full-time in Angelman related activities during the fellowship year.

Applications to become a Jacob Pritzker fellow will open in late 2022.