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Behaviors Training Series

With Angelman syndrome comes some unique and challenging behaviors.  The Angelman Syndrome Behaviors Informational Series is available to help explore the possible root causes of challenging and aggressive behaviors and identify possible solutions.

Modules in the Series

1. Social and Environmental Influences on Aggressive Behavior
2. Aggression as Communicative Behavior
3. Cognitive Issues and Sensory Impairments
4. Mental Health Influences on Aggressive Behavior
5. Neurologic and Medical Influences on Aggressive Behavior

The series is not intended to replace efforts already in progress with doctors and/or therapists; rather, the series provides supplementary information to these efforts to further assist with understanding the complex factors that result in these behaviors.

This project was funded by the Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society (CASS) and the Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF), and developed by the ASF.  CASS and ASF welcome any feedback from users regarding your experience in using the series. Contact the ASF at 800-432-6435, or contact CASS at 403-931-2415.