Communication Resources

The ASF is happy to offer resources and training for communication so that you and your individual with AS can reach her/his greatest communication success at any age.

Here you will find several resources that will help you on your communication journey. 

Stepping into AAC

This project will provide new resources to support your individual’s communication journey. The goal is to support and inspire those just getting started with AAC, those seeking momentum or anyone wanting to learn more about AAC.

Book by Stephen Calculator, PhD


So Much to Say goes beyond step-by-step instructions – it gets to the root of why, how, when and where. Dr. Calculator’s philosophy is built upon presuming confidence and the fundamental belief that overestimating potential has less negative consequences than underestimating it.

So Much To Say arms you with a lifetime of experiences that have created more effective communicators who are better able to participate in all facets of life. 

photo of Dr. Stephen Calculator

Published April 2018
Paperback – 308 pages

Communication Facebook Group

Join the ASF Communication Facebook group for support and tips.

Communication Training Video Series

The ASF Communication Series was created by communication and AAC experts. The information is presented in bite-sized chunks to make it as easy as possible for you to start and stick with the training for the long-term.

How to Get Started

There are two ways to get started with the series.

  1. If you are new to AAC, start with webinar #1, the Introduction Set and move through each session.
  2. If you need to restart the series or are looking for specific information, start with #20, Getting [re]Started with the Communication Training Series. This webinar provides an overview of the Series and gives guidance on how to know where to start.

Communication Training Videos

1. Launch Session 
Official launch session at the 2015 ASF Family Conference.

2.  From Goals to Growth: The Essential Elements Of An AAC System
By Maureen Nevers, M.S., CCC-SLP, Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Augmentative Communication Consultant
This webinar introduces Maureen Nevers and helps families, caregivers and educators understand the components of an AAC system and learn specific practices to increase the quality of an AAC system.
Handouts:   Goals to Growth presentation  |  Top Recommendations  |  Resources

3.  Does Your App Measure Up? Evaluating AAC Supports
By Maureen Nevers
This webinar provides simple guidelines for participants to determine how well their current communication system matches the features of a robust communication system.
Handouts:   Does Your App Measure Up?  |  Printable Materials

4.  Aided Language Stimulation – Make It Interactive and FUN!
By Dr. Caroline Musselwhite, CCC-SLP
Introduces Dr. Musselwhite, who describes what aided language stimulation means and helsp families understand how modeling AAC systems can be FUN for the whole family! She explains why modeling language on children’s communication systems is important, and how to model on devices, iPad apps or paper systems.
Handouts:    Aided Language Webinar  |   Model Core Language

5.  Ready, Set…: Your Toolbox to the Training Series
By Erin Sheldon
You have watched the beginning webinars and you have selected an AAC system: a system with plenty of vocabulary for all parts of speech to communicate a range of messages. You are ready to start modeling the system to provide aided language stimulation to your child.
Handouts:   Ready, Set Handout

6.  Introduction and First Set Four Core 
with Caroline Musselwhite and Erin Sheldon.
Handouts:    Presentation  |  Like Not Like |  We Like Each Other

7.  Communication Practices: Core Vocabulary 101
with Maureen Nevers

8. Actions + Four Core Set 2 
with Erin Sheldon, Caroline Musselwhite and Mary-Louise Bertram.
Handouts:   Tongue Twisters D & M

9.  Part 1: Book Exploration and Engagement
with Erin Sheldon
This first webinar on reading will focus on getting our individuals with Angelman engaged with books.

10.  Instructional Framework and Individualized Goals – Assessment and Goal Setting
with Erin Sheldon

11.  Writing as Communication: Modeling Writing with Things I Like!
with Erin Sheldon.

12.  Don’t Ask, Do Tell! Non-Directive Language
with Maureen Nevers and Erin Sheldon
Handouts:   Presentation | More on non-directive language

13.  Core Set 3: Describing Words
with Erin Sheldon and Caroline Musselwhite
Handouts: Presentation

14. Reading as Communication: Selecting Books
with Caroline Musselwhite and Erin Sheldon
Handouts:  Presentation

15.  Communication Practices: Non-directive language, engineering environments
with Erin Sheldon
Handouts: Presentation

16.  The 4th Set of the Four Core
with Erin Sheldon, Caroline Musselwhite and Mary-Louise Bertram
Handouts:  Presentation  | Where is Speedy? (pdf) , Where is Speedy? (ppt) | Where is Santa? (pdf) , Where is Santa? (ppt)

17.  Writing: Sharing Writing for the Holidays
with Caroline Musselwhite
Handouts:  Presentation  |  Qwerty Symbolstix  |  Alphabet 36

21.  Writing: Remnant books and personal experience stories
with Erin Sheldon, Caroline Musselwhite and Maureen Nevers.
Handouts:  Presentation  |  My Winter Holidays template

22.  Core Set 5 + Category
with Erin Sheldon and Caroline Musselwhite
Handouts:  Presentation  |   Video on how to move See and Look in Proloquo2Go (6X10 grid)

23.  Reading: Shared Reading
with Caroline Musselwhite
Handouts:  Presentation

24.  Core 201: Progress Monitoring
with Maureen Nevers
Handouts:  Presentation  |  Resources document

25.  Writing Predictive Charts
with Erin Sheldon
Handouts:  Presentation

26. Core Set 6: Four Core – Core + Category
with Erin Sheldon and Mary-Louise Bertram
Handout:  Presentation

27. Reading: Independent Reading
with Caroline Musselwhite
Handout:  Presentation

28.  Communication: Connecting to the Curriculum with Erin Sheldon
This webinar was postponed. See #34 in Set 7 below.

29. Writing: Social Scripts
with Caroline Musselwhite
Handout:  Presentation

30. Core Set 7: Four Core + Prepositions
with Erin Sheldon and Mary-Louise Bertram

31. Reading: Letter ID, alphabet knowledge and first sight words (partial recording)
with Erin Sheldon and Caroline Musselwhite
Handout: Presentation

32.   Communication: IEP Goals with Maureen Nevers and Caroline Musselwhite
Handouts:  Presentation  |  Link to supporting documents  |  Search for and add IEP Goals to the ASF IEP Bank

33. Writing: Journaling
with Mary-Louise Bertram and Caroline Musselwhite
Handouts: Presentation

34. Communication: Connecting to the Curriculum
with Erin Sheldon
Handout:  Presentation

35.  Set 8:  Four Core + Determiners and Conjunctions
with Erin Sheldon and Mary-Louise Bertram
Handout:  Presentation

36.  Reading Assessment
with Erin Sheldon

37.  Communication Assessment  Part 1  |  Part 2  Video Observations
with Maureen Nevers
Handouts:  Presentation  |  Additional Resource Documents

38.  Writing Assessment
with Erin Sheldon
Handouts:  Presentation

39.  Core Set 9 + Social Phrases
with Erin Sheldon and Caroline Musselwhite
Handout:  Presentation

40.  Guided Reading
with Caroline Musselwhite and Erin Sheldon
Handout:  Presentation

41.  Partner Assisted Scanning
with Maureen Nevers and Mary-Louise Bertram
Handout:  Presentation

42.  Video Feedback
with Caroline Musselwhite
Handout:  Presentation

43.  Core Set 10 + Quick Chat / Series Wrap Up
with Erin Sheldon and Mary-Louise Bertram
Handout:  Presentation

The webinars below are optional and are meant to supplement the series.

18.  Getting Started with Proloquo2GO.
Presented by Jennifer Marden, MA CCC-SLP and VP of Clinical Development at AssistiveWare.
Handout: Proloquo2Go

19.  Communication: Getting Started with PODD.
Presented by Mary-Louise Bertram.

20.  Getting Started with the Communication Training Series:  Overview of the Series and how to know where to start, with Erin Sheldon and Maureen Nevers.
Handouts:  Presentation  |  My Webinar Log, by Topic  |  My Webinar Log, by Date