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Centers of Excellence

Angelman Syndrome Center of Excellence

AS Center of Excellence

Dup15Q Center of Excellence

Dup15q Center of Excellence

Clinics with Centers of Excellence designation must follow established clinical consensus guidelines developed by an international group of clinical experts. 

Centers of Excellence have demonstrated a requisite level of clinical trial readiness, and may be enrolling participants in clinical trials.

Centers of Excellence are integral in the design and implementation of the LADDER Database.

Clinical Trial Site

Clinics with Clinical Trial Site designation are currently enrolling patients or conducting one or more clinical trials.

See clinic pages for more information about what clinical trials are being conducted and who to contact for information.

LADDER database site

Clinics with LADDER Database Site designation share clinical data with the LADDER database

Increased insight into data from AS/dup15q individuals informs better treatment options and will pave the way for a cure. 
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