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We connect those who practice evidence-based medicine for Angelman syndrome with a high level of excellence and ensure as many families have access to it as possible.

ASF Clinics are part of the LADDER Learning Network.



The LADDER Learning Network links providers together to share information about their most challenging cases, links patients to clinical trials, and links all the data together—to pave the way for the cure.

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It was great to see so many experts at one visit.

Dr. Palumbo and Dr. Thibert are amazing and caring doctors. They get Angels and that is what’s needed most.

It was refreshing to talk to professional who understood Angelman syndrome. They were compassionate and informative.

They were able to provide significant encouragement that we are on the right track with our current therapies, school goals and home care. We will certainly return if we have the need to.

Dr. Thibert communicated with other health providers in our hometown to help with my daughter’s progress. Very pleased and will go back annually.

This clinic is a blessing for my adult child. Now we have somebody who really understand our needs.

I felt everyone understood my concerns and helped me with all my questions. It was a very productive trip.



ASF Clinics give patients unprecedented access to the highest quality, evidence-based medical care, customized to their needs. Visit one of our worldwide locations.

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We are dedicated to assisting families with clinic visits and clinical trials, as well as answering questions about clinic services, procedures and any other concerns.



The LADDER Learning Network has four essential functions.

It connects AS/dup15q individuals to comprehensive care from highly engaged, highly specialized medical experts who have demonstrated a passion for and an ability to specifically treat these rare disorders.

It serves as an avenue for communication among 40+ AS/dup15q experts across the globe to share knowledge, discuss challenging cases and to progress toward standardizing care for AS/dup15q individuals.

It provides a foundation to support clinical trials by having established sites with experts and patients in place to conduct those trials when they become available.

It created and operates the LADDER database, a global network of patient-powered data, to enhance understanding of both syndromes. Increased insight into data from AS/dup15q individuals informs better treatment options and will pave the way for a cure. Enroll your individual today.

LADDER Learning Network is a strategic collaboration between Angelman Syndrome Foundation and Dup15q Alliance. While Angelman and dup15q syndromes are different, the same set of medical providers often care for both populations of individuals, as both syndromes affect the q-arm of the 15th chromosome. The combination of data collection methods and cross-disorder investigation is key to driving discovery.


Meet Our Chief Medical Officer

Watch an interview with Elizabeth Jalazo, MD


Meet Our Clinicans

ASF Clinics provide access to a variety of professionals who specialize in treating Angelman syndrome. The clinicians at the clinics are very special and dedicated people who have become superstars in the Angelman community! Meet a few of them below: 

Shafali Jeste, MD

Shafali Jeste, MD

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

“I absolutely love working with the Angelman syndrome population! The kids are amazing, and the parents are unbelievable advocates.”

Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, MD

Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, MD, PhD

Rush University Medical Center

“I love working with both kids and adult AS patients. I’m incredibly proud that we are bringing new treatments to patients that may be able to change their lives.”

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Through its global network of patient-powered data, ASF Clinics are improving quality of life, empowering families and transforming the future of AS care—all while paving the way for the ultimate goal: The cure.

We believe access to specialized, high-quality health care is essential for individuals with AS to thrive. Therefore, anyone with an Angelman syndrome diagnosis is invited to visit an ASF Clinic.

Each ASF Clinic is completely comprehensive, yet each has its own unique capabilities. Individuals have access to a variety of professionals all specializing in AS, including but not limited to Clinical Geneticists, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Speech Language Pathologists, Physical/Occupational Therapists, Genetic Counselors, Social Workers and Nutritionists.

By partnering with leading medical and research institutions across the country, we founded ASF Clinics to provide individuals with AS, from birth through adulthood, the comprehensive medical care they need throughout their lifetime. Each clinic offers specialized care and expertise that families and individuals can take back to their team at home.

To schedule an appointment:

From the map on this page, choose which clinic you’d like to attend. Each clinic has specific contact information for its location listed. If you need help selecting which ASF Clinic is best for your loved one at this time, or if you need assistance making an appointment, we’re happy to assist you. Please contact Katie Garbarini at

Yes! Each ASF Clinic accepts a variety of insurance plans and policies. When you call to get information about scheduling an appointment, be sure to discuss insurance plans and options. ASF never wants finances to stand in the way of getting the care you need, so please reach out to us if financial hardship is a barrier to visiting an ASF Clinic. We can provide options to assist you.

Clinical trials are a type of research designed to answer specific medical questions such as, is this treatment safe for patients or how well does the treatment work? The research follows a very specific process and involves testing the new drugs, medicines, or devices on real people. If you’re interested in participating, you can find the trial and contact information on the clinic location pages (not all clinics participate in all trials). You may also visit the Research Studies page, to find clinical trails and see the list of participating locations. You may also review the Frequently Asked Questions about Angelman Clinical Trials.  

We know your first visit to a new ASF Clinic can be overwhelming. We want you to have the best possible experience and for you to maximize ALL the benefits ASF Clinics have to offer. Please review the Angelman Syndrome Initial Clinic Checklist for more information on how to properly prepare for your first visit, including what documents you need to have prepared.

ASF Clinics welcome any clinician with experience treating Angelman syndrome to join our network, which is the only comprehensive group of medical professionals in the world specializing in AS. If you’re interested in joining more than 40 providers worldwide, please contact our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Elizabeth Jalazo