New Diagnosis of Angelman Syndrome

Newly Diagnosed

Amanda Moore and family

A message from Amanda Moore, CEO

With our son Jackson’s diagnosis of Angelman syndrome, my husband and I were overwhelmed. We had no idea where to start or how to process the news. It was not until a doctor told us to reach out to the Angleman Syndrome Foundation (ASF) that we truly started to find answers and hope.

With the ASF, you will find a community of people who understand what you are going through. Whether it is connecting you to a local family, educating you at an ASF Family Conference, opening more ASF AS Clinics or just listening, the ASF is here to provide you with whatever you need at any point of your journey.

I would love to hear from you and support you in any way that I can. You can reach me at or 800.432.6435. My family and I are honored to serve this community and look forward to meeting you at an ASF Walk or Family Conference!

What Now? 

Families sometimes don’t know where to turn once they’ve received a diagnosis. The good news is that you found the ASF!  The ASF has been supporting families for over 25 years while funding the research that has made the biggest strides toward a cure for Angelman syndrome. We and our network of families are here for you.

Start with the steps below.


Fill out the Contact Registry. We will add you to our AS Families email list and send you a packet about AS and information about ways the ASF can help as you begin this journey.

Have a specific question and want to contact the ASF right away? Call 800-432-6435 or email


Use this website to become acquainted with Angelman syndrome.

When you’re ready,  connect with the Family Resource Team for help on a specific issue, or connect with an ASF Family Champion just to chat – maybe there is one near you!


Stay informed about events in your area and news about the exciting things happening in AS research. 

Open our emails when you get them and connect with the ASF and the world wide Angelman community on social media.