Planning for the future

Adult Resources

The ASF Adult Taskforce creates and cultivates resources related to adulthood in Angelman syndrome or transitioning to adulthood.

Questions or Requests
If you have a question or idea for an existing or new resource the team could look into, contact Robin Wilkerson

Interested in joining the ASF Adult Taskforce? Complete the form on the ASF Committees page


Transitioning to Adulthood Checklist

Facility Tour Checklist

Use the tour checklist when taking a tour of a day program and long-term care facilities to help with questions to ask and things to look for.

ASF Family Champions with Adults


The ASF Family Champions are family members who have volunteered to be available to other families to share their knowledge, experience and lend an ear.  There is a group of Champions who are parents to adults with AS. These families are a great resource for questions, concerns and advice on various aspects of adults with AS transitioning and thriving. 

See the list on the ASF Family Champions page and reach out to one today. 

Leigh Sutherland
Shari Caspert

Recordings of Adult Services Sessions

At the 2019 ASF Family Conference, there was a day of sessions dedicated to various topics on adulthood in AS and transitioning to adulthood. 

Sessions were led by Pat Hornbecker, Kathy Johnson and Todd Robertson, unless otherwise noted.

Landscape of Resources for Adults with Complex Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Sherri Brothers, The ARC of Kentucky

Chipping Away at the Mountain

Housing Options for Adults with AS
Nicole Jorwic, The ARC US

Life Away from Home
Download Joseph’s Roadmap

Letting Go and Trust

How to Hire, Train and Retain Care Providers
Download handout

ASF Educational Webinar: Angelman Syndrome in Adulthood 

Dr. Ron Thibert and Dr. Anna Larson
September 9, 2014