Articles and papers to share with your medical team


Seizure Treatment Guidelines Provide this to a doctor in an emergency situation or a new clinical team to understand treatment of seizures in AS. Seizures in Angelman syndrome have some unique characteristics and treatment and this document should help someone who is unfamiliar with AS. 


Outpatient Treatment of Non-convulsive Status Epilepticus in Angelman Syndrome is a resource that you can provide to your medical care team to help understand individuals with AS that may be in status. Up to 50% of patients with AS will have non-convulsive status epilepticus (NCSE) with myoclonic or atypical absence status. Adapted from the experience of the Angelman group at Massachusetts General Hospital, this document provides guidance on the outpatient management of patients with AS and NCSE treating with a tapering course of oral diazepam.


Seizure treatment in Angelman syndrome: A case series from the Angelman Syndrome Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital is a published paper by the AS Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital. Clinicians studied several cases of seizures in AS and documented medications and other treatments and their results. 


Myoclonus in Angelman Syndrome is a published paper by the AS Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital. Myoclonic seizures are the jerky movements or tremors that some people with AS experience and frequency appears to increase with age. In 2017, records of 185 people with AS were reviewed for reports of myoclonic seizures. They studied genotypes, age of onset and what, if any, medication was effective in minimizing myoclonic seizures.


Results of the Seizure Survey study completed by Dr. Elizabeth Thiele in 2007. This study was funded by the ASF and provided care-providers and physicians valuable information about single anticonvulsant drugs and combination drug use for treatment of the seizure problem in AS. In many of Dr. Thibert’s presentations on seizures, he references this survey. 


Low glycemic index treatment for seizures in Angelman syndrome  Article published in Epilepsia about low glycemic index treatment (LGIT) about a study of six individuals on the LGIT diet and its findings.


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