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No matter where you are in your Angelman journey, the ASF is here for you.  The ASF has grown from a small group of concerned parents in the early nineties to a robust research and support organization. If you have questions, we have answers or know where to direct you for answers.

ASF Family Champions

It’s very important to connect with other parents and caregivers who understand the joys and challenges of raising a child with AS. The ASF Family Champions are parents who have volunteered to share their contact information so others can reach out to ask questions, vent frustrations, share joys that only another AS parent would understand or . . . just to talk.

ASF Family Resource Team

The ASF Family Resource Team, a group of experts in their respective fields, help families handle a variety of needs. Each member of the team has a family member with Angelman syndrome and is also a topic expert in their professional fields.

Resources & Education

Make sure to visit the Resources section to find the largest list of resources and educational programs specifically for Angelman syndrome.

Join a Committee

Feeling like you want to get involved and do more for Angelman syndrome? Check out our list of committees and see if there is one right for you.


As parents and caregivers of someone with Angelman syndrome, it’s important to educate yourself and others who are in contact with your child. Because AS is so complex and uncommon, you will hear the question, “what is Angelman syndrome?” often.  Below, are some things you can download and share with others to help answer that question. 

Angelman brochure front image
Angelman Journey
Facts about Angelman syndrome
Facts About Angelman Syndrome
All About Me Template
All About Me Template

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