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ASF Committees & Groups

Looking for a way to get involved? Joining a committee is a great way to use your special talents or areas of interest to help others and expand your personal Angelman network. The ASF is very grateful to the volunteers who serve on these groups! 

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Interested in Joining a Committee? 

Some of the groups listed here are open to new members. If there is one you would like to devote your special talents to, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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ASF Advocacy Taskforce

Identifies, considers and develops positions on long-term policy issues that can impact the Angelman community.

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ASF Adult Taskforce

Develops ideas, educational pieces and materials that support adult individuals with Angelman syndrome and their caregivers.

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ASF Care Committee

Brighten the day of individuals and caregivers living with Angelman syndrome.

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ASF Conference Committee

Helps plan and make decisions about the next ASF Family Conference.

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ASF Parent Advisory Committee

Angelman parents that advise the ASF Board of Directors on ways the ASF can support the community.

Angel Guardians

Angel Guardians

Meetings for parents and siblings, but also extended family members, neighbors or friends who are involved in the care of an adult with Angelman syndrome.

Angel Guardians

Friends with Wings

Siblings, friends of siblings, cousins, classmates, neighbors, nieces/nephews who are 18 and younger. Connect with others your age and learn how to have a voice for your friend with Angelman syndrome.

Adult Siblings

Connect with other siblings, learn about available resources, hear from experts and discuss plans for long-term care for your sibling with Angelman syndrome.

Join a Committee

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