Help Advance Angelman Research through Participation

Participate in Research Studies

There are Angelman syndrome research studies happening at universities and medical centers all over the world.  For details on all active studies and instructions on how to participate, see Current Research Studies.

What You Should Know

Studies are conducted on various topics and in various ways. 

  • Phone interviews
  • Surveys
  • Visits to a clinical setting
  • Blood tests
  • EEG’s
  • Other medical procedures.
  • Compensation for participation and or travel expenses

Parents and caregivers should decide whether studies are suitable for your family and loved one with AS. 


Participation in research studies is one way you can help advance research! For example, many articles have already been published from information gathered through the Angelman Natural History Study. (The study is open to participants at any age and aims to find out what life with AS is like throughout the lifetime. ) See more information and the list of articles published based on findings from the Natural History Study