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ASF Family Fund

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About the ASF Family Fund

The ASF Family Fund was created to provide financial assistance to families supporting individuals with Angelman syndrome. Family members can apply for funds that are needed to improve the quality of life for an individual with Angelman syndrome.

Laurel with her ipad from the ASF Family Fund
Titus and his safety bed from the ASF Family Fund

Eligibility for Funding

To be eligible for funding.

  1. Applicant must be a caregiver (legal guardian, primary caregiver, etc) for an individual diagnosed with Angelman syndrome.
  2. Request must impact an individual with Angelman syndrome.
  3. Request cannot be for rent, utilities or moving expenses. 
  4. Applicant cannot have received a grant in the last 3 years. Example, if you are awarded during the October 2020 grant cycle, you would not be eligible to apply again until the April 2024 grant cycle.

NOTE: The total requested amount for funding may not be met. There is a funding limit of up to $5,000 per grant award.

About the Application

Below are common items that have been funded for past recipients and could be funded in part or in whole:
  1. Cost of travel to an ASF Clinic closest to your home.
  2. Safety support items (safety bed, stroller, etc).
  3. Communication devices.
  4. Adaptive play items (adaptive bike, etc).

Application Tips

  1. Be specific. If you are applying for an adaptive bike, provide as much information as possible about the exact item you want. For example, the cost, manufacturer and model, link to the item on a website. 
  2. Be patient. You will receive a response about your application toward the end of the month.
  3. Apply for one item. An application should be completed for one item. Please do not include a list of items. This will slow the application process and your approval.
  • Each grant must be made for a charitable purpose as described in sections 180(c) and 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • The total requested amount for funding may not be met. There is a funding limit of up to $5,000 per grant award.
  • Some grants may be funded by reimbursement.
  • Only one proposal may be submitted at a time. 
  • Recipients for prosthetic appliances, wheelchairs, beds or other forms of physical or educational assistance; necessary travel reimbursements for clinic travel; or other needs that prove to be worthy of funding, provided there are no other funds, public or private, available for the needs of such individuals.

The following will be requested on the application:

  • Application must include a 200 word impact statement.
  • Proof of a diagnosis of Angelman syndrome is required.
  • Your application must show evidence of impact and need:  The need for funding is clearly defined and proof that the ASF Family Fund grant would significantly impact the individual diagnosed with Angelman syndrome.
  • An estimate or quote of the price of the item/service.  Evidence of cost is required for each request.
  • Individuals need not seek the sponsorship or endorsement of any public or private entity before applying for grants from the ASF Family Fund, but may be asked to apply for additional support in conjunction with a grant approval.

Applicants may submit their grant application with any additional information the applicant believes appropriate.

Any deviation from the use of funds as authorized in the grant reward, without prior written authorization of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, will result in permanent disqualification from any future grant award by the ASF Family Fund.

Thank you to our partners who fund eligible applicants in their home countries!