Exchanging IEP goals for students with AS

IEP Bank

The ASF IEP Bank is a platform for parents and IEP team members to exchange IEP goals and objectives with each other to assist in planning your student’s IEP. 

  • Goals and objectives are based on skill acquisition rather than age or grade level
  • Goals and objectives may cross a variety of categories or topic areas
  • Goals and objectives may include single or multiple implementers (the team members working with your student on a particular goal and objective) depending on the context of the goal and objectives
  • Goals and objectives are reviewed and edited to ensure they are objective and measurable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In recognition that states and local educational agencies differ in their requirements of how goal statements are written (i.e. different mastery or duration criteria, inclusion or exclusion of objectives, etc.), goals in the Goal Bank do not necessarily include all required pieces of the goal statement and are instead focused on ideas for content of new skills a student could be learning. It is up to the IEP team to ensure that each goal in the final IEP includes all necessary components and is appropriate for the individual student.

Tips to Prepare your Goal for Submission

  1. Remove personal information and details, such as your student’s name and specific criteria for your school district or state.
  2. Please use correct capitalization (not all CAPS), punctuation and spelling. Your help in this way will decrease review and approval time and improve the likelihood of the acceptance of goals and objectives submissions.

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