Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2022

Windy City Angels

Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2022

October 9, 2022 Chicago, IL

ASF Windy City Angels

The ASF is an approved charity for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and our team of runners are the Windy City Angels. 

Any questions can be directed to Kitty Murphy at

Meet the 2022 Windy City Angels

The Windy City Angels are AS parents, siblings, neighbors, teachers, clinicians or friends of an individual with AS who inspires them to do great things. Some have run many marathons and some are first-timers. Year after year, we are amazed by this team. Their commitment to honor their loved one by embarking on this challenge is truly inspiring!

Team Fundraising Efforts

$140,432 / 135,000
Madeline Campagna

Madeline Campagna

Araseli Cerda

Chesser Family photo

April Chesser

Genevieve Connolly

 Genevieve Connolly

Lisa Esposito

Lisa Esposito

Elena Forton

Elana Forton

Andrew Gloeckner

Andrew Gloeckner

Megan Gloeckner

Megan Gloeckner

Martha & Chris

Maddie Hantman

Madeline Hantman

Ferardo Jiminez

Gerardo Jimenez

Katie Killcullen

Adam Moore

Michael Nemiroff

Michael Nemiroff

"One of the greatest experiences of my life."
Windy City Angel, Mary Core stopping to take a picture at the 2019 Chicago Marathon
Mary Core
2019 Windy City Angel

Sponsor the ASF Windy City Angels

Donations to the Windy City Angels Marathon Team are tax-deductible and provide outstanding national & local exposure.  Your support Changes the Game for those living with AS.  There are more reasons for you to consider supporting the Windy City Angels and those living with Angelman syndrome.  Here is an example of the significant impact your company’s partnership could have on this community:

  • Sponsorships support the ASF Family Fund, which provides much-needed safety equipment, adaptive bikes, communication devices, trips to an AS clinic & so much more!
  • Sponsorships gives the opportunity for caregivers to get access to important counseling to support their mental health on this difficult journey.
  • Sponsorships support AS clinics across the United States and globally.  These clinics are essential to give care to AS individuals by expert doctors and specialists, who fully understand this disorder.  AS clinics are also the place to host clinical trials that are happening now and in the future.
  • Sponsorships fund yearly research grants from the ASF that get us closer to groundbreaking therapies and eventually, a cure.

For more information on partnering with the Windy City Angels Team, contact Kitty Murphy –