HundredX Feedback Program

HundredX Feedback Program

July 3 - August 8

Each time you share a quality brand opinion via Express Feedback for Good™, $2.00 goes towards supporting ASF!

You can personally create over $150 of value (by giving 75 pieces of feedback).*

Here’s how it works

Step 1: Sign Up

Either text ASF to 90412 (data rates apply)  or

STEP 2: Provide Feedback

Choose companies or brands you use regularly and provide your opinion on them. 

You have until August 8th.  Provide up to 75 pieces of feedback and you can generate $150 for the ASF. 

Learn about prizes below.

Ways to Win Prizes

  1. Sign up by July 20, to be entered to win a Gift Card to Adaptive Mall.
  2. Provide 40 pieces of feedback to receive a car magnet for emergency responders.  When you reach 40, complete this form to request a magnet.
  3. Provide 50 pieces of feedback and be entered to win a Cubby Bed (Smart Beds for Special Needs).
  4. Provide 75 pieces of feedback to be entered to win a Travel Safety Bed.

When you with HundredX on behalf of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, your personal information is not sold or shared to any third parties. During the campaign, you will receive reminders from EFG to submit feedback. You may opt out at any time.