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Creating Hope Reauthorization Act, S. 4010/H.R. 4439

Ask your local rep to cosponsor the Creating Hope Reauthorization Act, S. 4010/H.R. 4439.

This bill will permanently authorize the Pediatric Priority Review Voucher (PRV) program that supports innovation in rare and neglected diseases. It has resulted in 22 therapies for children with rare diseases with no cost to consumers or taxpayers. 

See information on the bill and why it’s important

Three steps to Take Action:

  1. Go to Rare Disease Advocates Legislative website.
  2. Click the Creating Hope Reauthorization Act from the list.
    Creating Hope Reauthorization Act in the list
  3. Fill out the form on the right side of the page to send a not to your US Senator and US Representative. 


Cover of white paper
White Paper: Accessing Therapies with Medicaid