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Ketogenic Diet

The Charlie Foundation 
Provides resources and information about diet therapies including recipes, kitchen products and a worldwide list of locations where families can see a physician to be placed on the ketogenic diet.

Angelman Family Contributions

Our son started on this around age 3 when he was having a ton of atonic (drop) seizures and some grand mal seizures, and he stopped seizing and started independently walking within 2 weeks! We stayed on it for 4 years, and then were able to use only a small dose of seizure medicine since then. He’s 18 now! We worked closely with our neurologist and a dietician to monitor things, and we prepared about 4 days of meals at a time into sectioned plastic containers as it required very specific measurements and ingredients of high fat and low carb items. If you can use a newer approach like LGI with similar effects, it’s worth it!! We think our son was able to develop mentally and process information better when his seizures were controlled.
Andrea, mcneilak98@gmail.com, angel Tyler, age 18, Del+ Class 1

My daughter has been on a modified keto diet for over two years. The tips that have helped me are to have a few items always on hand and to make sure I either bring these when we travel or pick them up when we arrive  Here are her top 10 foods.: 1. Pepperoni (travels easily, yummy snack that needs no pairing); 2. MCT Oil (we can add this to pretty much anything); 3. Carrots (because she always wants a little something crunchy); 4. Peanut butter (for those before bed easy snacks); 5. Canned tuna or chicken with mayo (just in case there is nothing else for dinner she can eat); 6. Avocado (healthy fat with the bonus of dietary fiber to help with constipation); 7. Salad stuff (for the lunches she takes every day to school); 8. Eggs (she eats three for breakfast, and we usually keep boiled ones on hand); 9. Butter for cooking those morning eggs; 10. Fat Bombs (made with coconut oil, peanut butter, cocoa and stevia)
Sarah, bnamommyisfun@yahoo.com, angel Lily, age 14, Del+


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