ASF Walk

We’re celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the ASF Walk

The ASF Walk has raised $19.5 million since 1999. Those funds have made an enormous impact on the lives of those impacted by Angelman syndrome. Join us to celebrate the trail blazers in the AS community who started a ripple of impact. We will raise funds to support the ASF mission and have a great time doing it.

What is Angelman syndrome and the Angelman Syndrome Foundation?




Latest press releases, articles and announcements

May 16, 2024

Ionis Announces Positive Results from Halos Phase 1/2a

Exciting news for the Angelman syndrome community! Ionis’ Angelman syndrome program, ION582, has just shared positive preliminary results from the Phase 1/2a HALOS clinical trial.  Ionis will be providing an update at the upcoming Angelman Syndrome Foundation meeting in July. […]

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January 13, 2024

Angelman Clinic opens at Cedars-Sinai Guerin Children’s

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation is proud to announce a new collaboration with Cedars-Sinai Guerin Children’s to launch a new clinic for patients with Angelman syndrome, a rare neuro-genetic disorder. The clinic is led by Cesar Ochoa-Lubinoff, MD, MPH, director of […]

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