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IEP Goal from #203:

July 5, 2016

IEP Goal from #203:

Identify common people both in the students’ immediate circle, as well as people that the student will see throughout the day – either in the students’ school, church, therapy sessions, doctors office, dentist office, as well as at every day places such as the post office, delis, supermarkets, etc. This is a functional goal that can be worked on across multiple domains and in multiple areas of the community, workforce and public places to increase awareness and cognitive functioning.

The student will identify people (that he/she sees on a regular basis as well as people in the community who work in places the student visits) when asked to point to a picture of that person.

To move on after the student masters picture presentation, the student can go directly to that person/persons and possibly identify where that person is; i.e. “point to Gary” – “Gary works at John Smith School”. This can foster communication skills and functional language.